Free film-making seminars in July 2013: Boston, New York, Atlanta

In July, I'll be showing off Red Giant's new application BulletProof, as well as showing film-making and post production technicques to help you improve the quality of your video.

Here's the info about the sessions:

Colorist and Adobe Certified Master Trainer Simon Walker will explore how colour grading techniques are used in film, and will provide practical demonstrations on how to create moods, suggest genres, and to inform the audience of the motivations of on-screen protagonists, using Red Giant’s Magic Bullet Suite of plug-ins.

He will show practical ways to improve the look of digital video, polish and enhance motion graphics sequences, as well as showcasing strategies for reducing pixelation and noise, and production techniques for making your video look as good as possible.

He’ll also demonstrate how Red Giant PluralEyes saves vital production time by automatically synchronising audio and multi-camera video in seconds, as well as revealing the exciting brand new technology BulletProof, that simplifies the tedious everyday tasks that happen on set. Bridging the gap between camera and editor, BulletProof combines backup, organization, color and delivery tasks while handling footage from multiple cameras and media cards, and Simon will show how BulletProof is a complete offload, prep and delivery solution for camera footage. 


Here's the link to sign up for the sessions in Boston, New York and Atlanta: