Grade like a Master Artist with 30 artistic presets for Magic Bullet Looks

Film directors and cinematographers have long been influenced by the paintings of Master Artists, using the visual language explored by these painters to inform their own film and video work. Visual techniques like Chiaroscuro, Sfumato and the Impressionist style of capturing light, color and specular highlights have all been used to stunning effect in film and video.

Now you can replicate these techniques in your own films using Master Artists for Looks, a collection of presets I've created for Red Giant. Classical painters who spent their lives investigating light, color and form have taught us a great deal about composition, color and light in video. This collection of presets will give you the confidence to shoot and grade your footage like an artist.

This tutorial helps get you started in color grading with the Master Artists presets, and shows how each of the presets can be used to manipulate the colours in your video.

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