Well, we have a new toy to play with, or rather, we will have in June. Until then we have to survive on information released by Apple, and the interpretation of what the demonstrated features mean for the future of Final Cut. Plus any juicy titbits that the NDA encumbered few let slip (which actually, is very unlikely).

As I'll be training in FCPX over the summer (FCP is the founding block of software that is at the core of my film-making, graphics, editing and compression courses), I'll be adding thoughts, tips and interesting information to this site as they become available.

I'll also be adding links to the thoughts and reactions of the industry peers I look up to: particularly good is the piece on www.larryjordan.biz and there's a great rundown of the new features on fcp.co. I also like fellow Apple trainer Jonathan Eric Tyrrell's thoughts at postpost.tv. I've added my own initial reaction to the FCPX presentation here.

Of course, I also demonstrate and train in the use of grading and graphics plug-ins by Red Giant Software, so I'll be uploading techniques and video tutorials that feature FCPX in the near future.

Here's looking forward to June!