Speeding up your editing in Final Cut Pro

Here's a video of my recent presentation at the UKFCPUG meeting in London, where they asked me to share some tips about editing faster in FCP. I cover keyboard shortcuts and editing techniques as well as using your own footage to drive animations without using keyframes.

I mention a couple of Red Giant Software plug-ins in the presentation, Knoll Light Factory and Red Giant Warp, and also, here are links to more in-depth tutorials on how to animate a Knoll Light Factory lens flare (using the Luma Key filter in FCP to track the sun through a shot), and also how to use add light flourishes and glow effects to video, again without using keyframes.


Here's the link to the article over on the MacVideo.tv website: http://www.macvideo.tv/editing/features/index.cfm?articleId=3266130

Simon Walker, Final Cut Studio Master Trainer: How to speed up your editing in Final Cut Pro, sharing tips not only about how to make your workflow more efficient, but also how to avoid having to use those evil keyframes!