fxphd.com course teaching Red Giant plug-ins in Final Cut Pro

I've joined the faculty at fxphd.com! I'm teaching about Red Giant Software plug-ins and how they can help Final Cut Pro editors perform graphical and compositing tasks quickly while still maintaining quality.

Here's a more detailed description of the course:

Taught by Apple Certified Master Trainer Simon Walker, this course is aimed at Final Cut Pro editors who need to improve and enhance footage, add flourishes, stylise shots, and perform post production and compositing tasks…. all on a deadline.

These days, the lines between disciplines are blurring, and art directors and producers are asking more and more from their editors. With the advance of computing power and software capability, the offline and online edits have merged to become the craft edit, where many shots are treated in situ on the timeline. But there's not always the time (or the budget!) to switch over to your favourite graphics or grading program to complete the job, and it's not always practical for the modern editor to become the master of multiple programs to be able to complete their work.

This course covers the key plugins from Red Giant Software that will help you deliver technically proficient and high quality work. You'll precisely grade and colour-correct clips, keep flesh tones accurate, design custom and stylised looks, animate 3D swirls and shapes, add light rays, glows, highlights, perspective shadows and reflections, as well as compositing elements into existing scenes and quickly set the mood of your piece.

From a productivity point of view, all these effects will be achieved from within Final Cut Pro, which really speeds up your workflow and they are especially helpful when you're on a deadline. The presets in each plugin have been crafted by professionals who use these techniques on high-end production work, and we'll be covering how to further tweak these settings to create your own custom effects.

Enrolling starts from 1st July 2010 - visit fxphd.com for more details.