Grade like a Master Artist with 30 artistic presets for Magic Bullet Looks

Film directors and cinematographers have long been influenced by the paintings of Master Artists, using the visual language explored by these painters to inform their own film and video work. Visual techniques like Chiaroscuro, Sfumato and the Impressionist style of capturing light, color and specular highlights have all been used to stunning effect in film and video.

Now you can replicate these techniques in your own films using Master Artists for Looks, a collection of presets I've created for Red Giant. Classical painters who spent their lives investigating light, color and form have taught us a great deal about composition, color and light in video. This collection of presets will give you the confidence to shoot and grade your footage like an artist.

This tutorial helps get you started in color grading with the Master Artists presets, and shows how each of the presets can be used to manipulate the colours in your video.

Get it here:





Supermeet at IBC Sept 2012


I'm one of the speakers at the Amsterdam Supermeet at IBC 2012

I'll be talking about the Latest and Greatest from Red Giant - here's the blurb:

Red Giant have been making innovative and time-saving pre production and post production tools for filmmakers for over ten years. Simon Walker returns to the SuperMeet stage to demonstrate three of their exciting new releases Trapcode MirPluralEyes and Knoll Light Factory, the light effects tool developed by ILM Visual Effects Supervisor John Knoll.

Simon will also be showing Red Giant's latest short film ORDER UP, directed by Webby Award winner Seth Worley, which was made to showcase the new release of Knoll Light Factory.

Here's more information about all the whole evening, including presentations from Adobe, AVID, Autodesk and Black Magic, plus the world famous raffle!) 

Boston based Adobe CS6 and Magic Bullet Grading Seminar: Sat July 28th

Visual Storytelling with Adobe CS6 Premiere Pro, After Effects and Magic Bullet Suite
A one day seminar covering the new features of Premiere Pro CS6, especially related to adding effects on the timeline. Adobe Certified Instructor Simon Walker will show you key techniques to improve your editing speed and productivity, demonstrate the most important new updates for Premiere Pro CS6, and take an inspiring look at multiple aspects of color grading, and show how you can use Red Giant's Magic Bullet plug-ins to add visual interest to your footage.
For more info and to book:

Adobe CS6 Roadshow: free US seminars to find out about the latest features

All through June, Adobe are running free seminars showing the new features of their new CS6 release:

There are also 'deep dive' training sessions available in New York, DC and LA, delving further into the advanced settings of the new features. I'll be running training sessions on the new 3D capabilities of After Effects, as well as the new effects possible in Premiere Pro, and I'll be showing fast workflows for using Red Giant's Magic Bullet Suite of grading effects within CS6.


Here are the dates:

  • June 5 - New York, NY
  • June 7 - Orlando, FL
  • June 11 - Washington, D.C.
  • June 14 - Atlanta, GA
  • June 19 - Dallas, TX
  • June 21 - Chicago, IL
  • June 26 - San Francisco, CA
  • June 30 - Los Angeles, CA


And here's little taster of the training sessions:


More info here:


Free mocha Pro v3 event with Escape Studios in London 30th May

I'll be one of the speakers at this free event in London:

Join Imagineer Systems, Red Giant and Escape Studios for the an evening of drinks, product demos, special guests and more.
Come along for a fun, free evening of drinks, product demos and special guests. I'll be showing tips and tricks using Magic Bullet Suite inside Adobe CS6, including what's new in CS6 Premiere Pro, and how those features relate to Magic Bullet Looks 2, Colorista II, Mojo and Cosmo. I'll also explain how to remove noise with Magic Bullet Denoiser II in After Effects, and some of the new AE CS6 3D features. 
Learn how mocha Pro v3's new features for advanced roto, tracking and 3D camera solved are being used to increase vfx efficiencies.
Red Giant will be on had to discuss powerful plug-ins for visual effects, color grading and post-production.
Special guest artists from Baseblack will show how they used mocha to assist on difficult shots from "Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows" films.
When: Weds, May 30th, 2012
Time: 6:30pm
Where: Framestore Preview Theatre, 19-23 Wells Street, London, W1T 3PQ
RSVP: or +44 (0) 20 7348 1920

Shooting for the Web Training in Wales

My Cardiff based shoot, edit and upload course in March 2012, featuring Sony XDCAM cameras and Adobe Premiere Pro editing software is now fully booked, but Cyfle are accepting enquires for the next one:


The course is aimed at Producers, Journalists, Researchers, Stills Photographers, Editors, DSLR Shooters, Film-makers, Web Authors and anyone who needs to create on-line video content.

You'll learn the process of scripting, shooting, editing and uploading video for viewing and distributing on line. We cover the basics and touch upon the more advanced features of shooting on Sony EX1/3 cameras, editing on Adobe Premiere Pro and outputting and uploading for the internet.

If you live in Wales you could qualify for funding for this course:

Visual Storytelling with Magic Bullet Suite

If you're in Stockholm on Tues 14th Feb, some along along to the Adobe Post Production event:

Some of the leading creativies and industry partners will be showing how to increase the quality and productivity of your workflows. I'll be joining Adobe, HP, Nvidia, Wacom, Matrox and Nikon, and I'll be demonstrating colour correction and grading techniques for Red Giant's Magic Bullet Suite of post production plug-ins:

Visual Storytelling with Magic Bullet Suite
Colourist and Adobe Certified Instructor Simon Walker, will show how colour grading techniques are used in film, and will provide practical demonstrations how to create moods, suggest genres, and to inform the audience of the motivations of on-screen protagonists without using dialogue. Simon will be demonstrating correction techniques in Premiere Pro and After Effects using Red Giant's Magic Bullet Suite of colour correction plug-ins, and will reveal some of the time-saving secrets of creating custom presets.

Make your video look better!

Colour grading seminar in Dublin, 28th Jan 2012

An inspiring look at aspects of colour grading and colour correction for editors, film-makers, post production artists and producers. 

This one-day seminar will get you thinking like a colourist and is designed to give you the insight and tools you need as a film-maker or producer to capture the right look for your film, documentary, short, commercial or on-line video. During the seminar, I'll be analysing images and getting to the heart of what makes a successful grade, covering story exposition using visual language and I'll show how grading can change the mood and atmosphere of a film.

Cick here for more information and booking details

Free sessions at London Skills Week: 21-25 November 2011

As part of Ravensbourne's Build Your Own MA program, I'm speaking at London Media Skills Week in November, specifically about how to improve the look and quality of your videos when compressing for distribution:
Simon Walker will show practical ways to improve the look of digital video, strategies for reducing pixelation and noise as well as encoding recipes for making online video look as good as possible. Simon will be joined by a major post production company talking about the work flow on their latest films.
This session is aimed at Editors, Producers, Directors, Self Shooters, anyone involved with the shooting, editing and encoding and uploading of digital video.
Here's the link to book a free place (my session is on Thurs 24th):
London Media Skills Week is a one-off chance to access free training sessions and networking events at Skillset Media Academies across the city between 21-25 November 2011. Sessions are open to professionals with two or more years experience in the creative and media industries. For further information visit:

Visual Storytelling at eDIT festival

I am off to the eDIT Film Makers festival in Frankfurt next week to give a presentation and to sit on a discussion panel. I'll be talking about visual storytelling and how to achieve the perfect look for your film, short or commercial using colour grading techniques.
"Colourist and trainer Simon Walker, will explore how colour grading techniques are used in film, and will provide practical demonstrations how to create moods, suggest genres, and to inform the audience of the motivations of on-screen protagonists without using dialogue."
It's a great festival with loads of interesting people and speakers attending so follow the link to see more:

Colour Correction and Grading Sessions October 2011

I'll be talking about colour correction and grading specifically for DSLRs using Adobe Premiere Pro and Magic Bullet Suite, here's the blurb:
Colourist and Adobe Certified Instructor Simon Walker will show how Red Giant's DSLR short film 'Plot Device' was graded, and will demonstrate how to create different genre 'looks' using primary and secondary colour corrections using Adobe Premiere Pro and the Magic Bullet Suite of plug-ins.
He'll also be showing how to create different filmic treatments with colour correction, demonstrating techniques to use when grading DSLR footage and will cover practical Premiere Pro tips for FCP switchers.  
And here's Seth Worley's innovative short film Plot Device, shot using DSLRs on a minimal budget, and which now has almost 700,000 views on Vimeo:


A young filmmaker obtains a mysterious device that unleashes the full force of cinema on his front lawn.

Tutorial | Working with Looks Presets in Magic Bullet Looks 2

Here's a new tutorial I've just finsihed for Red Giant, which shows how to use the presets in their flagship grading software Magic Bullet Looks.

For the update to version 2, Red Giant asked me to design new presets and to reconfigure the existing ones, so here's the video of what's new, what's changed, and how to use them, as well as some extra info if you're working in Lion (OSX 10.7)

Red Giant TV Episode 61: Working with Looks Presets in Magic Bullet Looks 2 from Red Giant on Vimeo.

In this episode, Simon Walker will go over the presets in Looks 2, giving you tips and techniques for getting the most out of them, while working faster. He’ll also look at some of the new features in Magic Bullet Looks 2 for getting better results.


Internet Film-making: London, Sept 2011

Planning - Shooting - Editing - Post Production - Encoding - Uploading
I'm running the next Internet Film-making course on 27, 28 & 29 September 2011 in London: more info over on the Ravensbourne website
Do you need to shoot and edit footage specifically for the internet and for mobile devices? This course will teach you the process of scripting, shooting, editing and uploading of video for viewing/distributing on-line. We'll cover basics and touch upon the more advanced features of shooting on Sony EX1/3 cameras, editing in Premiere Pro and outputting and uploading for the internet.
And since I'm both a Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro trainer, I'll be providing some tips and tricks for switching, if you're making the move from FCP to PPro.
"Thanks again for a great course – probably the most informative, comprehensive one I’ve ever taken!"
 Dani Barry, TV Production Manager


Free training! Red Giant and Adobe evening seminar in London 7th Sept 2011

I'll be one of the speakers at the Post Production Magic event in London on the evening of 7th Sept. It'll be a really fun and interesting evening, showing the sort of magic you can conjure up on the After Effects and Premiere Pro timelines! 

Here's the link to reserve a space, and some more info about the evening:

Post Production Magic - Join Red Giant for an evening of inspiration

When a group of amazing animators get hold of a projection system, you’re either going to get an evening of inspiration or a cheeky light bulb joke. Post Production Magic is your event for awe-inspiring work by After Effects gurus Angie Taylor, Simon Cam of SuperGlue, Ernesto Rogata of BSkyB and colourist and trainer Simon Walker.

These artists show you how popular Red Giant tools like Magic Bullet Suite and Trapcode Particular and Trapcode Form open up big creativity on a small budget. Experience the best of design, animation, colour grading and visual effects created in After Effects and Premiere Pro, along with a networking and cocktail hour. Hosted by Red Giant and co-hosted by Adobe Systems, the event will be held at state-of-the-art Ravensbourne in London.

Here's the fantastic Toyota spot that Simon Cam of Superglue will be talking about, especially how After Effects, Trapcode Form and Particular were used to create the effects.

Toyota Auris 'Get Your Energy Back' 3D Projection Mapping from wearesuperglue on Vimeo.


Internet Film-making course in Dublin, Thurs 21st, Fri 22nd July 2011

Internet Film-making 
I'm running the next course on the 21st to 22nd July in Dublin - more info over on the Filmbase website
Do you need to shoot and edit footage specifically for the internet and for mobile devices? This course will teach you the process of scripting, shooting, editing and uploading of video for viewing/distributing on-line. We will cover basics and touch upon the more advanced features of shooting on Sony EX1/3 cameras, editing on Final Cut Pro and outputting and uploading for the internet.
"Thanks again for a great course – probably the most informative, comprehensive one I’ve ever taken!"
Dani Barry, TV Production Manager

Network with other FCP types!

The Supermeet is coming to London in June. It's always fun at these events, plus you get a chance to meet and hang out with other FCP editors and production types. They've got the legendary raffle with some fantastic prizes (including, er, me!), and they've also got some great speakers lined up. I'll also be presenting, showing something new and special by Red Giant Software... so check out the details over on the Supermeet website.

UPDATE: Larry answered MANY of the current burning FCPX questions at the Supermeet. The video of his presentation will be up on (from Monday 27th June)





Tutorial: Grading on a deadline in FCP

Here's a tutorial I've just made for Red Giant Software, using two of their grading plug-ins; Colorista II and Magic Bullet Looks to correct and grade a timeline quickly.

Click here to view the video over on the Red Giant website


Color Grading on a Deadline in Final Cut Pro

"Let’s face it, sometimes, it ain’t about art. It’s about doing work and getting paid. And sometimes it’s about doing work fast and getting paid. In this Episode of Red Giant TV, Apple Certified Master Trainer, Simon Walker, will talk about Grading on a deadline. And hey, maybe with the help of Magic Bullet Looks, he can bring some of the art back into it."